Transform Yourself and Finally Get That Leaner Body, Athletic Mindset

Welcome to my Leaner Body Athletic Mindset transformation program.

My name is Roger and as a former Personal Trainer and now Performance Coach I have discovered that when it comes to people getting that lean stronger body the missing element isn’t with the exercise or eating, it’s with their mindsets!

I’m excited that you found me because whether you want to lose weight, get toned, or just start eating healthier and get more energy back in your life, I can help.

Now I know you’re probably busy, so I wont take much of your time but please spend five minutes to read the rest of this page carefully. You owe it to yourself to understand how and why I can help you better than anything else out there.

If you are wondering why you should even bother listening to me then you can read my story and see my transformation here.

But let me give you a run down of what I have discovered over the years.

After transforming myself and now training a wide array of people from different backgrounds and agendas, I have found that that we all have the same common challenges. Those challenges usually stem from the internal battle within ourselves, and not from which diet or training plan is best!

Here are just some of the issues people face when they want to lose weight and transform …

  •  They just don’t know how to direct their minds to get the best results
  • People giving up on their goals and/or not having clear goals
  • They don’t lose weight because they feel scared to step outside the comfort zone
  • People falling off track with eating plans, because they see it as a chore not a lifestyle
  • They fail to stay on track with their exercise plans because they associate pain to it.
  • People not knowing the reason why they really want to lose weight in the first place!
  • Lack of education regarding, mindset, proper nutrition and exercise to lose weight
  • Yo-yo dieting and ending up in an endless loop of being sad from restriction!
  • Losing weight only to put it on again (possibly even more weight) and never really being happy
  • People being scammed in the industry over and over again reducing their belief getting slimmer!

If any of the above challenges sounds like something you have experienced then this mindset and performance tranformation program is for you.

Start Your Transformation Today!

In just 8 weeks Jason lost 6kg and 30cm of total girth, including 13cm from his waist and hips.

With a background in the industry for over 10 years now, I’ve dedicated half of my life to learning how the best peak performers achieve their goals. This is not just for my own goals, but to pass on my knowledge to my clients, so they can get the same real results.

You see, I have discovered that after training a wide array of people from around the world and different backgrounds and agendas, we all have the same common challenges.

The ancients Greeks once said that if you have a better body you have a better mind and you have a better life. I believe this is the case in our era as well, as I’ve experienced it first hand, just like my clients have too.

The Leaner Body Athletic Mindset (LBAM) program will help move your body to a state of overall wellness both with your mind and physically.

It’s not just about weight loss in fact I’d rather you forget about “weight loss” and focus on the athlete within you.

With my unique approach, I’ll ensure you see this as a complete mindset and lifestyle change that provides fast results and not just another diet or boring exercise program.

This is truly for those who require better guidance and accountability when it comes to eating and exercise to match your own daily lifestyle, increase your energy and achieve your goals faster.

  • Lose weight, get toned and feel better about yourself.
  • Gain more energy, more confidence and more vitality.
  • Prevent future dis-ease, aches and pains.
  • Eat more, smile more and just have a better attitude to life!

But first, let me ask you a few questions?

Are you a really “busy” person who just doesn’t have the time to get results FAST in minimal time?

That’s fine, we’ll help you construct a plan that you can do around your busy schedule. Everyone has the time, if we map it out and work together rather than make excuses.

We’ll ensure you do minimal programming which means you still get results whilst achieving new consistent habits.

Are you inconsistent, is it too hard, is your head not in the right head space and in the end you’ve got little to NO results at all?

No problems. You will also discover the most important element in setting any goal, and it’s not the goal itself. Without understanding and taking action on these things don’t even bother setting goals or starting.

Sabotaging or limiting belief can really hold you back. So with coaching you will learn how you can quickly and easily remove what stops dead in your tracks and start to install a self empowering body transforming belief system.

Have you heard or tried too many diets, and confused about which one will work for you?

Great, so now you will find out why you can actually eat more than what you think and why most diets are training you to fail. Nutrition is important and we want you to be totally clear on what is needed for long term results. Is that clear?

Now you may be asking …

Why does the LBAM transformation program work so well?

Well in two words it’s consistency and mindset training. Consistency is the key to any success and that’s why we work with what we call your “minimums” to ensure you achieve success.

I know you know this but getting your goals comes down to three things. Eating right most of the time, exercising a little (we’ll discuss what’s best for you) and doing those consistently.

But it’s not just about eating and exercise. I aim to provide you with a balanced holistic approach to weight loss or body transformation.

I’ll teach you to use your intelligence and your mindset in a fashion that is going to serve you, not destruct you. Consistency with your mindset is a VERY important factor.

Now I could go on about consistency and mindset, but you will learn more about it all once you start. Honestly, it’s about learning these things for life and not just whilst you’re on a program, right?

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

If it’s time for change, then our main focus will be to empower you with the right metal attitude, psychological tools and education that will allow you to achieve your ideal body and keep it long term.

For those who have tried every diet under the sun without great results, this programs will get you conditioned and in the greatest shape of your life. Period.

These guys did it… why couldn’t you?

STOP! This training program will NOT work if you just read it. Applying the knowledge your learn will work!

  • Are you ready to transform your body and confidence?
  • Are you ready to transform your mind and your life?
  • Are you ready to get athletic and leaner faster?

I presume the answer is YES, so get ready to open up your mind a little to the possibilities that your body has to offer. Get this… getting what you want (getting leaner I presume) is 80% psychology (mindset) and 20% mechanics (how-to).

This course has been designed over a 12 weeks period (approximately 84 days) so that there is enough time for you to transform your body and condition your mindset, condition your psychology into becoming your very own body builder, for life!

Now, I’m not talking competitive “stage hoping” body builder (but that’s OK if you want that too). I’m talking becoming a body builder of your own life, breaking limiting habits, removing destructive behaviors, changing limiting beliefs all to help exceed any goal you set yourself and create a lifestyle you deserve.

This course is designed for people who either want to lose weight to transform their body or for those who want to put on muscle to transform their body.

This course will also offer tips and tricks from people who have transformed themselves, people who are experts in the industry, people who have the experience and have done it all before. The course is based in principles of success that others have used before you.

In personal development, the short cut to success is simply modelling success. Let me ask you question? If you wanted to know how to bake a cake and do it successfully … now I know you don’t right now because it won’t help you lose weight, but let’s just say you did. Would you prefer to try and do it all yourself and see how it goes or would you go to a baker who has been doing it for years to get his secrets (i.e. ingredients, recipe, strategies) to making the best tasting cake ever?

I’m assuming you’ve answer the later, which will ensure you get the secret to a successful cake instantly, rather than experimenting yourself. Well, that’s what this course will offer you, the mindset of people that know what body transformation is all about … the mindset that will give you the ingredients, the recipe and the strategies to get the body you want faster than you imagined.

This course is for everyone – Including those who have busy lifestyles. Who doesn’t have a busy lifestyle these days, and even if you don’t that’s great because you can just devote more time to your body. But for those who have that everyday busy lifestyle including kids, jobs, partners, etc then I have designed this course so that you can take it at your own pace.

Week by week I have split teachings and exercises into sections that should take no longer than 10 – 20 minutes. Each Week, should take no longer than 60 to 90 minutes of conditioning all together, so you can choose whether to take the lessons split though out the week or doing the weeks exercises all in one go. Either way it’s important to adjust the way you learn to suit your lifestyle, that way you will be more inclined to continue moving forward, and not use the daily pressure as excuses – because I know you won’t 🙂

Your brain, like your muscles have to be stretched and exit outside the comfort zone to grow and get stronger and this is what this course is all about. Stretching and growing your brain so that you can get conditioned to create that lean body you have always wanted, faster than ever before.

Get ready to change your attitude in just 7 days and transform in as little as 84 days. I guarantee you will never think the same way again.

Whatever body goal or dream you have ever wanted will now be able to become a reality with the right mindset, that is the Leaner Body Atheletic Mindset – Get ready to reach your peak and Really Really Fit Faster!

Only $49

Seriously, I’ll cut the crap so you’ll lose the fat – No Spam, No Fad Diets, No B.S! Sign up today, you have nothing to lose, except the fat.

Don’t mistake the cheap price tag for cheap advice. This isn’t just a text book, it’s a full multi-layered program, which if you apply just one mindset strategy that I’m going to teach you, it will be worth well over the measily price tag. Think about it? For less than the cost of a few cups of coffee and cake or a couple of junk food take away meals or even a yearly Netflix subscription, you could instead start working on yourself with this amazing mindset and body transformation program.

Don’t delay and sign up for your Lifetime Athlete membership today!

See you inside!

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